Features at a glance

Rhinotrusion manufacture profiles for the aluminium range, which includes Winsul8 Technology, an Insulated Core System.

There are many features that make Rhinotrusion the prefect choice for your next windows and doors. From material choice, product options, sustainability to environmental factors, we have listed a few below …

  • Energy saving material, lowers energy use within homes
  • GFRC profiles act as a fully thermally broken system
  • Air tightness, water tightness & wind load resistance exceed traditional materials
  • Can withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Does not expand or contract like other materials
  • Corrosion resistant / Salt resistant
  • Excellent sound insulating properties
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Flush (external face
  • Foam filled cavities for extra insulation properties
  • GFRC composites are thermally efficient, helping to conserve energy
  • GFRC has excellent thermal insulation energy saving properties
  • GFRC is typically used in marine, aerospace & wind engineering environments
  • High flame retardancy (1 hour)
  • High tensile strength test – retains original shape
  • Low thermal co-efficiency – does not expand with heat
  • Safe and harmless material
  • Thermally efficient door & window system
  • New GFRC Insulated Core System – Glass Fibre Reinforced Composite Thermal Breaks
  • Foam filled frame cavities + track cavities
  • Lift on security hinges
  • Multi-axis rollers
  • Fast fit glazing beads
  • 5mm glazing gasket line
  • Flush (external) face
  • Stronger construction – Corner cleat + bolted
  • Slimmer stronger aluminium profile – only 50mm
  • Slimmer sight line – 50mm
  • One continuous piece compression gaskets
  • Surround trim (inside / outside), built in fitting tolerance / gasket housing, custom accent colour available

Rhinotrusion smashes 2022 Building regulation U-value requirements for replacement windows & doors … and actually hits the expected 2025 standards with the GFRC Insulated Core range!.

Energy efficiency

Rhinotrusion energy efficient products

Energy Efficiency is the process of reducing the amount of energy required to 1. produce a product and 2. the amount of energy saved by installing our products (less heating and cooling within our homes).

Rhinotrusion balance both the energy efficiency of our systems we produce and the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

Through continual Research & Development, we keep energy efficient products commercially viable to meet the ever changing global requirements.

For example, Building Regulations covers the conservation of fuel and power in the building of new homes, and establishes how energy-efficient new and existing homes should be. As of 15th June 2022, the minimum U-values for windows and doors for existing dwellings has improved from 1.6 to 1.4 W/m²K / 0.28 to 0.25 Btu/h·ft²·°F doors from 1.8 to 1.4 W/m²K. / 0.31 to 0.25 Btu/h·ft²·°F to this, the notional standard (SAP10 Standard Assessment Procedure) suggests a lower U-value of 1.2 W/m²K / 0.21 Btu/h·ft²·°F, which may be an indication of standards to come.

Thermal transmittance, also known as U-value and U-factor in the US, is the rate of transfer of heat through a structure (which can be a single material or a composite), divided by the difference in temperature across that structure. The units of measurement are W/m²K and Btu/h·ft²·°F in the US. The lower this value, the better a product is at insulating a building.

For specific energy ratings please refer to our material page.


With worldwide focus quite rightly on climate change, it has never been so relevant to reduce our energy consumption and have energy efficient products. Add to this the commitment to ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, along with ever stringent building codes, the industry is finding traditional materials do not meet these guidelines readily or are not commercially viable.

Rhinotrusion are committed to helping the environment where we can through continuous improvements.

Rhinotrusion’s sustainability strategy focuses on the four areas where we can make a real difference – in the buildings our products are used in, the products we develop, in our own company and through our staff.

GFRC Explained

‘GFRC is predicted to be the main material in the future for door and windows construction’
GFRC material Characteristics
  • Contributes to sustainable building practices and green building certifications
  • Design flexibility – can be moulded to meet specific design requirements
  • Dielectric (non metallic) material
  • Durable / long-lasting, GFRC does not rot, decay or warp
  • Energy efficient – results in lower heating / cooling costs
  • Environmentally friendly – production / recyclability
  • Great insulator against heat & cold (low thermal conductivity)
  • Low maintenance – does not need regular painting or sealing
  • Lower energy consumption – during manufacture
  • Moisture resistance – ideal for humid or coastal environments
  • Refractory (fire resistant) Window
  • Resistant to environmental factors – Corrosion, Cold, Heat, Salt
  • Results in doors & windows much lower U-values
  • Strong (Bending strength: 1442Mpa
  • Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions

What is GFRC?

GFRC is a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyurethane, which is a composite material used (in Rhinotrusion’s case) in the manufacturing of high-performance window and door profiles. It is a relatively new material in the construction industry that combines the strength and rigidity of fibreglass with the versatility and durability of polyurethane. GFRC is typically used within the marine, aerospace & wind engineering environments.

The manufacturing process of GFRC involves impregnating glass fibres with polyurethane resin and then using a moulding process to shape the material into profiles that can be used for window and door profile. The profile is then cured or hardened using heat and pressure, resulting in a rigid and durable product. The glass fibres provide reinforcement to the polyurethane, increasing its strength, stiffness, and resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, UV radiation, and corrosion.

Environmentally GFRC also has a much smaller carbon footprint during manufacture, emitting only 17% carbon emission compared to aluminium.

GFRC has several advantages over other materials commonly used in windows and doors. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it a lightweight yet strong material that is easy to handle and install. It is also resistant to corrosion, weathering, and UV radiation, which ensures durability and longevity. GFRC is also a fantastic thermal insulator, providing vastly improved energy efficiency in buildings.

Overall, GFRC is a versatile and innovative building material that offers a range of benefits for the construction industry. Its unique properties make it an excellent choice for windows and doors, providing strength, durability, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, low maintenance and energy efficiency while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

GFRC is one of the most thermally efficient materials on the market – offering ULTRA LOW U-VALUE PROFILES.

Supporting Architects

Window and door companies often provide support to architects in various ways to help them with their design and construction projects. Here are some ways in which Rhinotrusion support architects:

Product Information: We can provide architects with detailed information about their products, including specifications, performance data, manufacturing / fabricating process, carbon footprint and installation details. This information can help architects make informed decisions about the suitability of the products for their specific project requirements.

Samples & Mock-ups: We can provide samples and mock-ups of their products to architects for visual and tactile evaluation. This can help architects assess the quality, appearance, and functionality of the products and make informed decisions based on actual samples or mock-ups.

Design Assistance: We can offer design assistance to architects by providing guidance on product selection, customisation options, and design considerations. This can include assistance with determining the right window and door types, sizes, configurations, hardware options, and finishes to meet the aesthetic, functional, and performance requirements of the project.

Technical Support: We can provide technical support to architects by offering expertise in areas such as structural design, thermal performance, acoustic performance, and building code compliance. This can help architects ensure that the windows and doors specified in their designs meet the necessary performance standards and regulatory requirements.

Continuing Education: Window and door companies may offer continuing education programs, seminars, and workshops for architects to keep them updated on the latest advancements in window and door technology, building codes, and industry standards. This can help architects stay informed and make informed decisions when specifying windows and doors for their projects.

Project Support: We can provide on-site project support to architects during the construction phase. This can include site visits, installation guidance, and coordination with other trades to ensure that the windows and doors are properly installed and integrated into the building envelope.

Sustainability and Green Building: We have expertise in sustainability and green building practices, and can provide guidance and options for architects who are interested in specifying environmentally-friendly window and door products. This can include information on energy-efficient windows, recycled materials, low VOC finishes, and other sustainable options.

Why choose Rhinotrusion

  • More than 40 years of experience and excellence: Pioneering system design & manufacturing
  • A highly specialist manufacturer with a a strong reputation for quality, reliability and customer service
  • Rhinotrusion remain very competitive on price, whilst offering innovative solutions for various industries & applications
  • Quality manufacturer of sustainable and building regulation compliant products
  • Trusted customer partnership; with a client-centric approach to energy efficiency and product development
  • Sustainable manufacturer using material choices(s) that include; recycled materials, 100% reusable & recyclable at end of life and zero land fill
  • Responsible manufacturer using material choice(s) to reduce building/construction projects overall carbon footprint

Rhinotrusion is a company that specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of high-performance composite materials for various applications, including window and door frames, structural components, and more. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has a global presence, with customers in various industries and sectors.

Rhinotrusion is known for its patented RhinoTrusion Technology, which combines fibreglass and thermoplastic resins to create a composite material that is strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. The company’s products are designed to meet the needs of customers who require high-performance materials that can withstand the toughest conditions and environments.

In addition to its innovative technology and products, Rhinotrusion is also committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The company uses recycled materials in its manufacturing processes, and its products are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Overall, Rhinotrusion is a leading company in the field of composite materials, offering innovative solutions for various industries and applications. Its commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact makes it a great choice for customers who are looking for high-performance materials that are also environmentally friendly.

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