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Rhinotrusion stands as your foremost collaborator in tailoring exceptional cutting-edge solutions in both Aluminium Extrusion and FRP Pultrusion techniques.

Rhinotrusion: Top-Quality Customised Extrusions & Pultrusions On Schedule

At Rhinotrusion, we steer the helm of innovation in the Aluminium Extrusion and FRP Pultrusion industry, propelling your projects to new horizons with our bespoke manufacturing solutions. Our gamut of technical and manufacturing capabilities is fine-tuned to meet the unique specifications of your venture, providing a blueprint for success in a competitive market landscape.

Aluminium Extrusion

Generic extrusion designs might not always align with the specific requirements of your venture. While off-the-shelf profiles serve numerous purposes, there are instances where your project demands a distinct touch. Our team is poised to design a tailored die for you, give the desired finish to profiles, and undertake any supplementary fabrication tasks you might need.

FRP Pultrusion

Rhinotrusion is a leading fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) pultrusion supplier. We are a customer-focused business that provides quality, cost-effective FRP pultrusions solutions. Our aggressive pricing, precision, expertise, and superior pultrusions product quality are the traits that sustain our business and keep our customers happy.


We are specialists in designing, manufacturing, extruding, and supplying comprehensive door and window systems. With a focus on quality and precision, our products cater to diverse needs and specifications of clients worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a unique design or a standard profile, we are equipped to deliver with excellence.

Transforming Your Initial Ideas into Tangible Creations

From a rudimentary sketch on a cafe napkin to a fully-realized product, we’re passionate about breathing life into your innovative concepts. With a seasoned team at the helm, we excel in navigating the journey from initial design, through prototyping, and right up to final production. Let us be the guiding force behind your vision’s evolution.

Crafting Excellence in Every Product

At the heart of our operations lies a steadfast dedication to crafting your products with supreme quality. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is backed by stringent processes and the adoption of industry-leading best practices. Count on us to consistently deliver products that not only meet but often surpass your highest expectations.

Easing Your Shipping and Logistics Burdens

Navigating the intricate maze of logistics and shipping is our forte. Entrust us with the logistics intricacies—from orchestrating freight forwarding to handling customs intricacies. Our commitment is to facilitate a seamless, trackable, and timely delivery of your products, freeing you to concentrate on the heart of your business.

Seeking Manufacturing Solutions
for Your Part or Product?

You’ve come to the right place. Be it a singular component or a complete product, we’re at your service. Reach out to us to delve into your project needs, uncover potential avenues, and initiate the journey of transforming your visions into reality. Let’s embark on this creation journey hand in hand.